Nausea – is a normal side effect of pregnancy. Try eating small amounts of food regularly. Salty crackers can make you feel better. Sweet biscuits are not advised.
If you are having trouble functioning with increased/worsening nausea or cannot hold anything down (including water) please call Dr Greening’s practice as there are medications that may help.

Bleeding – Some slight bleeding or ‘spotting’ during early pregnancy can be a common and normal experience.
If you have any concerns related to bleeding before your first appointment, in particular if you have a negative blood group, please contact us or your referring GP.

Vitamins -If you are not already taking vitamins, Dr Greening recommends that you take a pregnancy vitamin supplement called Elevit Pregnancy Vitamin.
In the wider population, a healthy balanced diet should largely reduce the need for vitamin and mineral supplementation. However, during pregnancy and lactation there are extra nutritional demands on the body that can make a supplement advisable.